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Media centre

04 April 2014 - Cape Town, South Africa

A while ago I learned about the RaspberryPI, and I found out that it was good enough to use as a media player. Well I managed to get two, loaded OpenELEC on them, setup XBMC MySQL syncing and now both tvs are connected to my media collection.

I even got XBMC running on my Android tablet, also hooked up to the MySQL db, the only problem I had was that the paths were not working on the Android client, but a quick tweak to the path substitution in the XBMC advanced config file and everything is working.

The only thing I need now if to upgrade my space, currently running out of space. I’m looking to get the Qnap TS-870 Pro and 8 4TiB Western Digital Red harddrives. P.S. Donations are welcome ;)

I’m hoping to put up a tutorial on how to setup OpenELEC and MySQL syncing, just need to make some time.

Sony phones and Tablets

06 March 2014 - Cape Town, South Africa

I am really impressed with the new line of gadgets from Sony, so adding to my wishlist are the following:

My cellphone contract is up for renewal in April, I’m hoping that the Z2 will be available, but if it’s not available then I will have to wait an extra month or two ;)


06 February 2013 - Cape Town, South Africa

I’m constantly fighting with my wireless at home, I found a really kewl little monitoring application (Wavemon) for seeing what is going on with the wireless

It’s a pretty simple little commandline application, but was very usefull in seeing just how strong the connection was, and could see all the other wifi points around me.

I am still fighting with my wifi, but this is making it easier, eventually I will be able to buy that nice little access point that I’m looking for, but go figure it will be obsolete by the time I can afford it.

First post

06 February 2013 - Cape Town, South Africa

I’ve decided to give this GitHub Pages thing a try, I’m not finding the time to do everything I want.

I really wanted to write my own blog platform, with a CV component, but “Ain’t nobody got time for that”

Anyways, old skool title, for an old skool guy, trying some new age shiz…

Peace out… (ok that doesn’t suite me)

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